User Instructions

The Easy Guide to Clinical Studies is an online tool that is built like a Grid

  • Horizontally – the grid divides into 6 study phases from "Basic" to "Completion". Study implementation is shown moving from left to right. It starts with the study "Concept" phase, followed by "Development", and ends with study "Completion". The "Basic" phase provides background information on each subject.
  • Vertically – the grid divides into 12 study subjects (protocol, feasibility,...etc.)
  • Each cell in the grid combines a given phase with a specific subject (total 66 cells)
  • Each cell offers a list of keywords, applicable to a particular phase and subject
  • Each Keyword gives access to one or several relevant Topics
  • Topics provide information by answering three main questions
    • What is it? Why is it important?
    • What di I have to do?
    • Where can I get help?

Example of a Topic selection: Concept (phase) / Data Handling (subject) / Stakeholder (Keyword) / Monitor (Topic)

When accessing a particular Topic

  • A breadcrumb indicates the location in the grid (selected phase, subject, Keyword, and Topic)
  • Information is automatically displayed by answering three main questions
  •  A "MORE" option provides  additional Topic information
  • Underlined words are links to other Topics of interest, or Topics that need additional clarification
  • An "Abbreviation" button deciphers abbreviations used in the text
  • Under "Keyword related Topics" links to additional Topics from the selected Keyword are listed

The question "Where can I get help"

  • Provides links to Swiss clinical research units. These units are centres of expertise that provide hand-on professional support in study planning and conduct
  • Provides external-links to Topic relvant institutions
  • Provides references to Topic applicable laws and guidelines
  • Provides links to Topic relevant documents from the CTU-Network