User Instructions

The Easy Guide to Clinical Studies is Built Like a Grid

  • Horizontally – the grid divides into 6 study phases (basic → completion)
  • Vertically – the grid divides into 12 study subjects (protocol, feasibility,...etc.)
  • Each grid square combines a given phase with a specific subject (total 72 squares)
  • Each square offers a list of relevant keywords
  • An empty square means no keywords are applicable
  • By selecting a keyword one or more relevant topics are displayed

How to Navigate the Easy-GCS Grid

You Can Decide to Select

A specific square within the grid: This displays all Keywords within the selected square. Simultaneously the Subject and the Phase of that particular square become highlighted. In addition, while Keywords from the selected square remain highlighted, all potential Keywords from basic until completion for that particular Subject are also displayed.
A specific subject (ex. Protocol): This displays all potential Keywords from basic until completion for the selected Subject.
A specific keyword: Within the grid and irrespective of phase any of the actively displayed Keywords can be selected. By selecting a particular Keyword one or more Topics will be displayed.
A specific topic: A new window gives access to topic relevant information by answering 3 standardized questions What is it? Why is it important – What do I need to do – Where can I get help? A more button provides additional topic information. Underlined words are links to alternative topics with content relevant material.